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Using Jumpchart as a Website Owner.

As a website owner, or a potential website owner, there's a lot to decide. Communicating with a web developer about what you want can be extremely difficult. You need to get a price to decide your scope, and you need a scope to figure out your priceā€¦

Organizing the Content for a Website with Jumpchart.

Jumpchart is designed to help you organize content into a hierarchical structure representing the navigation of a website. Simply, collaboratively, and with little consequence for changing your mind.

What's so Great About That for Website Owners?

If you've been through the website RFP or quoting process, you know how difficult it can be to compare apples to apples. The one sure way to do so is to lock down scope, and understand it fully. Imagine making a sitemap in Jumpchart, and allowing your quoting developers to see exactly what it is you want built. By making one Jumpchart, and allowing individual developers to make comments, and add notes to each copy of the original, you can know exactly what you're getting. It's the best possible complement to a proposal. If you're not sure what you want, ask your potential developers to use Jumpchart to illustrate what they'll build for you. Nobody likes to do spec work- but Jumpchart is fantastic middle ground.

Give Jumpchart a Shot.

We think if you give Jumpcahrt just one try in your workflow, you'll realize it fills a need you've had all along.

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